Aviation Inspired Skincare: How Jet Technology Is Redefining Dermatological & Aesthetic Treatments

Transdermal treatments are being revolutionised by aviation-inspired skincare, specifically in the form of jet propulsion technology. Jet propulsion refers to the acceleration of high-speed aircrafts into the air. Paving the way for aesthetic treatments, TavTech have adopted these aviation principles and applied them to their revolutionary JetPeel™ technology, effectively developing advanced dermatological and aesthetic procedures in the process. Like an aircraft, JetPeel™ works by accelerating liquid to speeds of over 200 m/s using pressurised air or medical gas. This effectively breaks the liquid into micro-droplets, or fine misty jet streams, for you to apply onto your patients’ skin.

Whereas other transdermal treatment options provide only one-dimensional and generalised solutions, JetPeel™ delivers a wide range of aesthetic formulas suitable for all your patients’ skin types and concerns. From lymphatic drainage to the exfoliation of the epidermal layer of the skin, you can equip your clinic with a versatile range of skin solutions.

What’s more, you can harness each unique solution through different handpieces based on your patients’ precise needs. Each handpiece has been specifically configured with different sized nozzles depending on the nature of the treatment. For patients desiring wrinkle treatment, the Magic handpiece with the single nozzle is ideal; for hair and scalp treatments, the Double handpiece with two nozzles should be favoured, and so on.

By incorporating such jet technology into your practice, you will render invasive skin treatments obsolete. Unlike most skin treatments on the market, JetPeel™’s revolutionary technology requires no incisions, meaning no patient discomfort or post-treatment downtime. Additionally, rather than wasting time on different treatments, JetPeel™ allows you to cleanse, moisturise, exfoliate and more, all in the one device; such versatility and ease-of-use significantly reduces procedure times. Resultingly, your patients can enter your clinic knowing they will endure a highly comfortable, pain-free treatment and leave your doors with results they can see.

To learn more about JetPeel™ technology, visit our website or download our digital brochure.



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