Discover What Lies Beneath The Surface With Revolutionary RBX Technology

Often, patients enter a clinic merely to discuss skin conditions that they can see. However, there is so much more that lies beneath the skin. From vascular disorders to hyperpigmentation, Canfield’s trademarked RBX® technology allows you to visualise and detect conditions beneath the skin’s surface in order to consider and communicate relevant treatments with your patients.

RBX® stands for Red and Brown, which denote haemoglobin and melanin components, respectively. As the skin is captured, it is comprised of Red (R), Green (G) and Blue (B) channels and is presented in the camera’s RGB space. RBX® technology then transforms this image into the RBX® colour space to demonstrate the skin’s haemoglobin and melanin distributions. The RBX® colour-space is based upon a random sample of facial skin images that have been selected from a large population of patients with different skin types.

By incorporating RBX® technology into your skin assessments, you will gain a detailed visualisation of the skin’s subsurface melanin, vascular conditions and unique characteristics. It is for this reason that Canfield has incorporated their innovative RBX® technology into their industry-leading Imaging Systems; specifically, Reveal Imager.

As patients highlight surface-level skin concerns, Reveal allows you to provide them with a comprehensive sub-surface analysis of conditions they might not be able to see. During the consultation, not only will you be able to detect and analyse the skin, you can clearly communicate necessary treatment options with your patients through an extremely high-resolution image.

Along with an ageing simulation, 3D viewing, reproducible technology and more, Reveal’s RBX® capabilities clearly show your patients what lies between them and their desired appearance, as well as what treatment options are needed to get there.

To learn more about how innovative RBX® technology is incorporated into Canfield’s industry-changing imaging software, explore the entire range of technologies on our website today and download one of our brochures which offers deeper insight and information.

In order to provide revolutionary technologies to transform your consultations, Venetix has partnered with Canfield – the world leader in medical image software.



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