JetPeel Sweat: The Minor Solution To A Major Problem

Excess sweating is a debilitating affliction that, if left untreated, can have a significant physical and mental toll. Individuals who suffer from this condition experience an excess amount of sweat, unrelated to heat, exercise or anxiety, usually in their hands, feet, underarms or face.

Currently, existing treatments for excess sweating are either ineffective or significantly intimidating or invasive. The most common, and least invasive, solution for excess sweating lies with antiperspirants, followed by Iontophoresis (electrical currents) and finally, Botulinum toxin injections. Not only are many of these treatments quite invasive and possibly painful, they often require multiple treatments and can be ineffectual.

At Venetix we offer a non-invasive alternative for excess sweating with JetPeel. JetPeel Technology involves no needles, no pain, no scars and no downtime.

How the technology works is through subsonic jet stream application. JetPeel takes water, saline, or any active ingredient, and accelerates it towards the affected area using pressurised air or medical gas, transforming the liquid into micro-droplets.

With regards to excess sweating, the state-of-the-art Sweatless formula is based on a synergy of active peptides that work to reduce neurotransmission activity that contributes to sweat activation. Vegetal extracts cultivate a skin environment that dampens sweat production and provides advanced relief for an embarrassing cosmetic problem. Smooth dry skin in sweat prone areas, such as the forehead, armpits and palms, is the exceptional result of this innovative treatment. Not only is the JetPeel Sweat treatment completely non-invasive, it has been clinically proven to reduce sweating by 15%, providing visible results instantly, meaning no wait period or multiple treatments necessary.

Existing treatments for excess sweating are often highly intimidating and invasive for suffering patients. For those struggling, the constant trialling of new, clearly ineffective, treatments can become demoralising. Getz Venetix’s JetPeel provides a reliable and simple solution to a major problem.

To find out more about the powerful capabilities of JetPeel, visit the Medical Aesthetic page on our website and download our brochure.



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