JetPeel™’S Scalp & Hair Care: Healthy Hair, Healthy Life

Hair loss is a common aesthetic concern. Treatments such as transplants are highly invasive and risky for many. Resultingly, being able to offer less-invasive treatment alternatives to various hair concerns is vital to setting your clinic apart.

Hair loss occurs in different ways for different people. The most common type is gradual thinning of the hair, or a receding hairline on the forehead; this type typically occurs in men. It is different for women, who usually experience a broadening of their part. People can also lose hair in patchy spots on the scalp or lose a lot of hair at once due to stress. Alternatively, some conditions and medical treatments can result in hair loss or thinning.

When it comes to treating hair loss, hair transplant surgery is highly invasive and requires significant downtime. This procedure works by removing hair from a part of the head that has hair and moving it to the balding spot. It is a highly painful procedure requiring sedation. There are also many possible risks involved including infection, swelling, bleeding and bruising.

For patients seeking preventative hair care, TavTech’s JetPeel™ Hair Care solution works to promote a healthy scalp and hair from the offset.

The technology works by accelerating the Hair Care solution towards the problem area using pressurised air, or medical gas; this, in turn, breaks the liquid into microdroplets and deposits them onto your patient’s scalp.

The Hair Care solution has been expertly formulated with deep cleansing and nourishing ingredients. The formulation is rich in antioxidants, fibroblast-targeting herbal compounds and biomimetic peptides that work to create denser growth and healthy hair.

Unlike invasive hair transplant surgery, JetPeel™ provides a deep micro-massage to your patient’s scalp, boosting their blood circulation to nourish hair follicles.

By incorporating JetPeel™’s hair care solution into your offering, you will be providing instant, relaxing treatment straight to the source, helping to lay solid foundations for healthy hair that grows with a lustrous glow.

For the ultimate hair and scalp solution, incorporate JetPeel™ into your clinic. Visit our website or download our brochure to learn more.

To deliver revolutionary beauty technology, Venetix has chosen to partner with TavTech. Leaders in Jet technology, TavTech is changing the face of aesthetic treatments. Visit our website to learn more about our world-leading partners.



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