Redefining Skin Care: The Benefits Of Incorporating VISIA® Into Your Clinic

When it comes to skin procedures, the consultation stage is crucial to fostering customer satisfaction. In order to elevate your consultations above other practices, it is important to demonstrate heightened attention and interest in your patients’ specific skin concerns. To accomplish this, thoroughness is key. By incorporating Canfield’s VISIA® Imaging system into your consultations, you will be able to effectively analyse your patients’ skin, simulate potential procedures, as well as comprehensively track their progress once the treatment commences.

Revolutionary and highly advanced, the VISIA® Complexion Analysis System is a top-of-the-range capture module that moves smoothly around your patient to capture the left, right and front sides of their face. The device clearly and effectively records and communicates your patients’ skin concerns, as well as their treatment options, and demonstrates what the end result of potential procedures will look like. Once treatment commences, VISIA® additionally tracks your patients’ progress over time to give them comprehensive updates.

When measuring and analysing the state of your patients’ skin, VISIA® uses an innovative plethora of analysis tools. The advanced device houses leading technology configured to automatically detect skin type, as well as distinguishing the critical region for each feature (spots, wrinkles, texture etc.) using multi-zone masking. Two significant technologies within the system include RBX® and UV fluorescence imaging. For patients with sub-surface melanin and vascular conditions (spider veins, hyperpigmentation, rosacea and acne), the former provides a refined visualisation of their specific concern. For patients with sun damage, the latter reveals porphyrins to assess and analyse levels of UV damage.

Additionally, your patients will be able to compare the state of their skin to others of their age through VISIA®’s patented Comparison To Norms analysis. This advanced tool uses percentile scores from the world’s largest skin feature database to grade your patients’ skin.

As well as analysing skin in its current state, VISIA® can simulate specific treatment options, so both you and your patients may gauge the potential results and decide whether the treatment option is suitable.

Some of the simulation tools offered by the Imaging module include the injectables and aging simulations. The former works by simulating injectable treatments onto the desired region so your patients can see the effect. The latter works by adding and removing spots and wrinkles to show your clients hypothetical images of themselves older or younger by five to seven years. The advanced aging simulation tool shows how the skin can age by decade up to the age of eighty.

In addition to the hypothetical, VISIA® allows your patients to see the actual results of their treatments through repeatable facial imaging technology. This technology allows you to track procedure progress and results as treatment continues.

When it comes to consultations, VISIA® is the most advanced imaging system to incorporate into your offering. Not only does it eradicate reliance on verbal explanations, it provides automatic analyses of skin concerns. As a result, VISIA® paves the way for a comprehensive, yet simplified, consultation process for your clinic.

With regards to your patients, VISIA® takes the complicated out of consultations and increases comfort in the process. Your patients can comfortably sit back as the system rotates smoothly around their skin, capturing every detail. As the device clearly captures, analyses, simulates and communicates skin concerns and treatments, your patients will see the tangible benefits of VISIA® for their skin.

This, in turn, increases patient trust and fast-tracks decisions.

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