Shine A Light On Your Patients Venous Health With Veinlite LEDX

The success of sclerotherapy procedures is directly linked to effective vein illumination. By incorporating the Veinlite LEDX® illumination device into your sclerotherapy treatments, you will significantly increase the quality of every procedure you perform on your patients.

Specifically optimised for sclerotherapy, the Veinlite LEDX® allows you to cut-down procedure times for your patients by speeding up the process of locating veins. To use it, simply place the light on the area to be treated. The device then produces a bright circular light that, when placed on your patient’s skin, illuminates the de-oxygenated, damaged, blood in their veins, revealing them as dark lines.

For treating patients with small, superficial, damaged veins, you can utilise the twenty-four orange LEDs. These are easier on the eye and facilitate the best contrast to view veins of this scale. The orange lights also have the best wavelength for overweight patients or patients with fair skin.

Alternatively, when treating deep veins, you can utilise eight red LEDs which are ideal for patients with a darker pigmentation. The longer wavelength of these lights will help you illuminate larger areas, allowing for a more in-depth examination pre-treatment. To reduce interference from ambient light and the two different light settings, you can also use the Veinlite light cover to increase efficiency in your procedures.

As well as speeding up the process of locating veins, the ergonomic, portable, handheld design of the illumination device additionally assists in the procedure itself. When you’re illuminating the damaged vein, you may use the device to push down and stretch the skin, allowing for easier and more accurate needle insertion.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about charging the illumination device after every patient; the rechargeable batteries provide approximately 130-160 minutes of continuous usage.

Increase the efficiency of your sclerotherapy treatments by equipping your practice with the brightest and highest contrast Vein illumination device.

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