Choosing The Right JetPeel Handpiece For Optimal Transdermal Treatments

JetPeel is first device in the world to use jet streams for transdermal delivery. The non-invasive treatment marks a breakthrough approach, completely solving common, problematic issues in dermatological and aesthetic treatment including pain and frustrating patient recovery time.

The JetPeel handpiece is the secret to the efficacy of JetPeel technology. Based on technologies adapted from the aviation industry, the patented wand-like JetPeel handpiece breaks liquid solutions down into fine pressurised jet streams travelling at the incredible subsonic speed of 720 kilometres per hour. The state-of-the-art technology then sends nutritive micro-droplets below the skin surface to provide results that are immediate and effective – visible on the same day.

JetPeel handpieces are available in a range of different sizes and configurations, with each designed for specific aesthetic and medical applications including acne treatment, anti-aging treatment, whitening, skin rejuvenation and more.

Having this ability to interchange handpieces based on patients’ specific needs allows practitioners to offer their patients a versatile and customisable treatment offering.

The range of JetPeel handpieces includes:


The Magic handpiece is a single-nozzle design ideal for use in narrow locations, including mesotherapy and anti-wrinkle treatments.


The Single handpiece has a larger single nozzle, designed mostly for body treatments, and is ideal for the application of solutions with higher viscosity.


The Double handpiece has a double-nozzle design, suitable for transdermal hair and scalp treatments.


The most commonly used Triple handpiece has a three-nozzle design, perfect for most face, body and scalp treatments.


The Prestige Plus handpiece has a single nozzle containing a patented air shield that suppresses the dispersion of unwanted micro-droplets. The handpiece features a luer-lock syringe connector and is designed for single-use application.


The Vacuum handpiece is used for removing comedones and other debridement treatments, and for under-eye drainage massage.

For the ultimate transdermal treatment that is painless, non-invasive and provides instant results, incorporate JetPeel into your clinic. Visit our website or download our brochure to learn more.



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