Elevate Your Patients’ Body Sculpting Outcomes With a Two-Step Approach

Body sculpting has become more and more widely accepted in society in recent years, as the treatment grows in popularity. One of the reasons for this is the days of resorting to surgery to change the shape of one’s body are over. Today, more and more non-invasive procedures are in the market, giving patients more choice over how they address their aesthetic concerns.

One such device that can execute treatments that can significantly smooth and tighten the body’s skin is APS – Automatic Patting System™️. This Italian innovation utilises the Skin Patting™️ method, which is a process where nutrient-rich formulations, GrowFacts, are delivered into the tissue using a combination of micro dermal incisions and acoustic waves. 

There are specific APS protocols designed to assist clients with cellulite or skin laxity and texture concerns. These include Lipolysis, Cellulite,Toning and Stretchmark settings, which utilise the following GrowFacts:

Lipo-form – antidiposity treatment
Tokinol – toning treatment
Stretch Fill – anti-stretch mark treatment
Cicatril – scar treatment

The Ski Patting™️ method’s micro dermal incisions stimulate the body’s natural healing response, increasing microcirculation of blood in the treatment areas and stimulating the cell metabolism of tissues. This increases the uptake of active ingredients contained in the GrowFact formulation selected for the treatment. 

APS®’s attachable head can also execute fractional radiofrequency, which gives the area of concern an immediately visible lift, further elevating your patient’s body contouring results. 

Following just a handful of APS® treatments, your client will be eager to see the results in clear, photographic form. IntelliStudio® was designed for this very purpose. Simply capture your client’s body condition prior to and following APS® treatments using IntelliStudio®. Its studio quality lighting and smart automation ensures repeatable facial and body photography, with its ingenious MatchPose® image capture tool creating perfectly registered before-and-after images.

IntelliStudio® also offers newly-integrated video capabilities with LED lighting, including record, playback and Zoom capabilities, making it an invaluable tool for both preliminary consultations and follow-up appointments.

Download the brochure for APS® here and IntelliStudio® here to discover how these devices can work together in your clinic to convert customers.



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