Get A Handle On Acne With The JetPeel Solution

Gone are the days of aggressive extractions and unproductive anti-acne facials. JetPeel is a cutting-edge, pain-free transdermal delivery system that sends fine mist micro-droplets via jet streams into the skin to heal acne, repair damage and restore the skin’s equilibrium.

If your patients complain of having spent too much time and money on ineffective acne treatments over the years, integrating non-invasive JetPeel treatments into your clinical offerings could positively impact their view on acne treatment for the long term.

How it works

Drawing on aviation technology, JetPeel utilises a pressurised gas system generated at 95psi to accelerate liquid into a mist that enters transdermal micro-channels and delivers nutrients deep into the skin.

The technology behind JetPeel is undoubtedly complex, but this acne-remedying treatment can be easily broken down into just four simple steps:

  1. Lymphatic drainage soothingly detoxifies the skin and stimulates micro-circulation
  2. Hydra dermabrasion removes dead skin cells and preps the skin
  3. Hydroporation occurs, whereby active ingredients are embedded deep into the skin via jet streams
  4. An optional infusion concludes the treatment, boosting the treatment’s end result

The results

With this process, acne treatment becomes one where both patient care and comfort come into the equation, not just efficacy. This is largely due to our patented JetPeel handpiece, which delivers the jet streams to the deepest skin layers with a gentle touch. The non-invasive, no-needle, no-discomfort, no-burn and no-scar tissue nature of JetPeel treatment finally overcomes the harsh nature of dermal extractions and other abrasive acne treatments.

JetPeel also provides patients with instant, visible results – a sure-fire way to secure repeat clientele for your clinic, and boost word-of-mouth recommendations. The treatment itself also has no side effects and there is no recovery period, meaning your patients can even have a JetPeel treatment on their lunch break, and immediately return to work without any evidence of treatment.

The clinical advantages

The JetPeel device also comes with a number of handpieces, each of which can be used for a broader range of clinical treatments including anti-ageing, whitening, rejuvenation and even hair and scalp treatments. Because the handpicks are interchangeable, your business will have broad solutions for aesthetic care with just the one technology, making it a versatile and cost-effective technology that offers a high return on investment.

To learn more about JetPeel’s acne treatment solutions and how JetPeel can be integrated into your clinical offerings, visit our website or download our digital brochure.



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