Get To The Root Of Weak Locks With JetPeel’s Scalp & Hair Care Jet Solution

An unhealthy scalp is the root of many hair problems. From product build-up and dandruff to sebum and inflammation, these obstructions result in hair breakage, dryness and in extreme cases, hair loss. Improving circulation to the scalp with a deep, detoxifying cleanse is the first steps towards healthy, shiny hair – and JetPeel has the solution.

JetPeel is easy to perform, non-invasive and pain-free, making it a comfortable treatment even for those patients with sensitive scalps.

JetPeel’s advanced technology, paired with a two-step treatment consisting of Jet Detox Water and the Scalp & Hair Care Jet Solution, makes light work of clearing these obstructions. Jet stream hydroporation exfoliates and cleanses the scalp deeply yet gently to ensure no irritation to the skin of the scalp. Meanwhile, the Jet Detox Water propelled into the skin by the JetPeel handpiece removes impurities while also providing a deep micro-massage to the scalp, boosting blood circulation to nourish and stimulate the hair follicles. The JetPeel handpiece then infuses the Scalp & Hair Care Jet Solution into the scalp.

The Scalp & Hair Care Jet Solution is comprised of natural pomegranate along with capixil, an innovative complex of biomimetic peptide, and Redensyl, a herbal compound. Working together, these ingredients create a powerful cocktail that helps revitalise dull hair, strengthen fibres, minimise hair loss and enhance hair growth.

As a result of its power to promote a fuller, thicker head of hair – something many of us wish we had, the Scalp & Hair Care Jet Solution is a universal treatment that can appeal to a wide customer base, including those complaining of thin, dull and dry hair.

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