How Does the VENCLOSE System Work?

VENCLOSE is a radiofrequency ablation system which treats venous health issues caused by chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), such as poor blood flow, varicose veins, swollen, painful legs, and ulcers.  


What is endovenous radio frequency ablation?

Endovenous radiofrequency (RF) ablation involves a minimally invasive procedure in which thermal energy is delivered via a catheter inserted into diseased or damaged veins. During the procedure, local anaesthesia is administered, and external compression is applied before inserting the catheter into the individual affected veins and delivering a targeted amount of thermal energy. The intense, localised heat shrinks and closes the treated veins, so that blood can no longer leak downwards through the leaky valves. Sufficient blood flow to the heart is restored by being naturally rerouted to nearby healthy veins.


Advantages of the VENCLOSE RF ablation system

VENCLOSE presents the next generation in endovenous RF ablation. Improving upon the latest clinical studies and advances in the technology, VENCLOSE features a single catheter which is capable of treating different individual sections of multiple veins and vein types.


The VENCLOSE catheter’s heating coils have the ability to specifically treat 2.5cm or 10cm vein sections, resulting in a more targeted and precise treatment. The VENCLOSE RF generator performs controlled energy delivery, which targets 120˚C throughout each 20-second treatment cycle with a precise symmetrical depth penetration of 0.5-2.0mm.


A further advantage of the VENCLOSE system is its enhanced catheter design. The VENCLOSE catheter features clearly defined shaft markings, a curved tip and a 6 French profile, smaller than most other RF ablation systems, to facilitate navigational performance, positioning and flexibility. Finally, the VENCLOSE RF generator delivers audible tones during thermal delivery and its touchscreen display shows real-time procedural data to aid in informing treatment decisions.


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