How HairMetrix and Tricopat Can Work Together to Elevate Your Clinic

Two hair loss treatment devices are better than one, and HairMetrix and Tricopat can conveniently be used together during your patients’ hair loss treatment journey to improve results and patient satisfaction. 

Using HairMetrix for Powerful Consultations
HairMetrix is a fast and simple-to-use software that allows for real-time analysis and ongoing reports of patients' hair health as they go through treatments. HairMetrix’s fully automated AI-driven technology allows clinicians to create clear and printable reports of patients’ hair loss and hair growth. This incredible technology eliminates the need for hair clippings and provides immediate analysis without the need for scalp or hair preparation. Simply place the device into the patients’ hair line, and HairMetrix produces precise, magnified images that clearly demonstrate their scalp condition. As a result, your patients will experience powerful and meaningful hair consultations that set the tone for their Tricopat treatments ahead.

HairMetrix’s new D200EVO dermatoscope trichoscopy attachment features:
-    A camera touch display
-    High-quality epiluminescence microscopy
-    15x-200x magnification
-    Autofocus technology to produce precise images
-    USB plug and play

Creating a Treatment Plan With Tricopat
With the consultation complete, industry-leading technology Tricopat is the ideal tool to introduce into your patients’ treatment plan. This hair loss treatment is clinically-proven to prevent or reverse hair loss and scalp conditions, and is also non-invasive.

The system uses controlled skin micro-incisions to stimulate dermis repair processes and utilises ionophoresis to deliver active ingredients from Tricopat’s Hair Factor Hair Growth serum into the activated tissues. Incredibly, Tricopat patients will see visible results after just four treatments – each taken three weeks apart.

HairMetrix & Tricopat: The Power Couple
Effectively utilising HairMetrix software alongside Tricopat’s treatment technology provides an end-to-end solution for clinicians seeking to address their patients’ hair loss issues. HairMetrix’s software allows for the implementation of appropriate assessments and the creation of treatment plans for patients, and delivers objective outcome monitoring throughout the entire treatment process.

Tricopat technology forms an essential component in your patients’ hair loss treatment journey, providing clinicians with a powerful means to effectively treat hair loss and scalp conditions. HairMetrix can then be re-engaged to demonstrate to patients the results achieved using Tricopat technology, improving patient satisfaction and encouraging referrals.

To learn more about how HairMetrix and Tricopat can provide a comprehensive hair loss treatment solution and improve your patients’ satisfaction rates, visit our website here to learn more about HairMetrix and here for Tricopat. 



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