Step Into The Future With Ageing Simulation Technology

It is a challenging task to accurately model skin appearance and its behaviour with immaculate precision. But with Reveal Imager’s Ageing Simulation feature, clinicians have the power to show their clients a realistic and evidence-based visualisation of what their skin could look like as they age.

A game-changer in the aesthetic industry, Reveal Imager’s unique 3D technology not only captures a clear image of underlying skin concerns on the surface and sub-surface, but it also can demonstrate the client’s ageing process on the spot. Delving into the data on their patients’ unique skin’s pigmentation, vascular system, and melanin patterns, practitioners can then develop a highly targeted and personalised course of treatment with absolute confidence.

The prospective client, meanwhile, gains unprecedented access to an objective outlook on their skin health and solid solutions to any issues.

Make it personal

It doesn’t get more personalised than this: Reveal Imager’s comprehensive product recommendations tool suggests specific products perfectly suited to clients’ skin conditions. Clinicians can then formulate a precise, customised skin care regimen, and, as treatment progresses, use the device to track changes and document improvements.

After taking a photo through crossed polarising filters that allow you to see under the skin, Reveal’s one-of-a-kind RBX ® Technology software turns the photograph taken into a red and brown image, which simulates the ageing process with startling accuracy. This aids in the evaluation of skin pigmentation, texture, sun damage, spider veins and acne. A 3DViewer highlights fine lines and wrinkles that are developing and presents an accurate picture of what they could turn into if not treated.

This candid and objective approach gives clients the knowledge they seek, and can encourage return visits for recommended treatments and products. The process itself is quick and comfortable, making the diagnosis and treatment development that much easier.

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