The 20-Minute Venous Health Solution Your Clinic Needs

One of the newest offerings in venous health treatment, VEINOPLUS® is a compact, portable, all-in-one treatment device that can treat and prevent several common venous issues.

VEINOPLUS® works by sending small electric pulses through the calf, causing the muscles to contract, which enocurages blood to pump back to the heart. This process, which emulates the natural blood circulation process of the body, has been clinically proven to be effective in preventing and treating venous pain and discomfort. Recent clinical trials involving 30 patients with venous leg ulcers experienced a significant reduction within 90 days of treatment using VEINOPLUS®, and the device has an 88% user satisfaction rating. 

With VEINOPLUS®, clinicians can diagnose patients in-clinic, and recommend they leave with the device to use themselves at home whenever they need it. 

How do patients use VEINOPLUS®? 
VEINOPLUS® is seamless to use, having been designed with the patient in mind. Powered by batteries, patients can reap the benefits of VEINOPLUS® endlessly, with no risk of overuse. It involves a simple four-step process for your patients: 
1.    If Bilateral, place one electrode pad on each calf, or on only one calf if the condition is unilateral
2.    Switch on the device and adjust the intensity until a strong yet comfortable contraction is felt
3.    Let the device run for a maximum of 20 minutes
4.    Switch off the device, and use again when needed

VEINOPLUS® gives you and your patients greater flexibility when it comes to venous treatment plans. To learn more about this device and how it can benefit your patients and your clinic, visit our website.



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