The Complete Toolset That Streamlines Medical Imaging And Boosts Business

Canfield’s Mirror® is the gold standard of advanced patient imaging software. With a complete suite of image management, tools, simulations and possibilities, Mirror gives practitioners more power over image capture and storage, patient conversion and communication. Mirror’s modular system also provides maximum flexibility and value, delivering scalable imaging solutions no matter what level of imaging you require.

The Mirror suite combines three imaging and communication tools in one fully integrated solution.


PhotoFile is the backbone of medical image capture systems. With the industry-standard Mirror medical interface, patient chart structure, preconfigured and customisable diagnosis and procedure libraries, Mirror PhotoFile keeps your medical images instantly accessible while providing HIPAA security features. Hospitals around the world depend on PhotoFile for their medical imaging management needs, and it’s not hard to see why.

PhotoFile works in conjunction with Canfield’s VISIA, Reveal, VECTRA 3D, IntelliStudio, and VEOS. All patient images, regardless of the image capture system, are stored on PhotoFile’s Patient Chart, to easily track patients’ progress in one convenient location. Practitioners can assign customisable attributes to their patient images, enabling the possibility to search via procedure, diagnosis or other criteria.


‘Before and after’ images have never been more popular – or important. Prospective patients have come to rely on these images for validation as well as justification of treatments and procedures they undertake. With PhotoTools’ MatchPose image overlay function, it’s easy to capture those perfect ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos every time. Superimpose a live preview over the image on screen to ensure correct positioning for polished, professional presentations and publication.

PhotoTools streamlines medical photography, allowing clinicians to capture high-quality digital images directly into their patients’ charts, saving time and preventing errors that can occur when multiple steps and parties are involved, creating a smoother workflow.

PhotoTools also offers labels and whiteboarding for easy annotation, and the software automatically measures calibrated distances, angles, areas and proportions for surgical planning and analysis purposes.


Mirror Simulation provides an instant view of what the future can hold through simulation of skin rejuvenation procedures on actual patient images. Whether your patient is considering neurotoxins, dermal fillers, laser procedures or microdermabrasion, Mirror Rejuvenation simulations offer a visual representation of what they can expect from the procedure. This helps to manage client expectations and drive business to your practice.

Converting patients just became a whole lot easier.

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