The Products that Boost APS®’s Efficacy

All clinicians know the value of multi-purpose aesthetic devices, and The Automatic Patting System (APS®) takes this to a new level, capable of executing face, hair and body treatments. APS® offers clinicians seven different actions for aesthetic improvements from head to toe: controlled microdermabrasion, acoustic waves, transdermal delivery, vacuum system, fractional radiofrequency, electro-stimulation and photo-stimulation with blue and red LED light emissions. 
All of these actions are made possible by the Skin Patting™ method, where nutrient-rich formulations from APSCosmeceuticals – GrowFacts – are delivered into the target tissue through a combination of micro dermal incisions and acoustic waves. This process increases microcirculation of blood in the treatment areas and stimulates the cell metabolism of tissues, allowing for maximum uptake of active ingredients contained in each treatment serum.

GrowFacts are as vital to the treatment as the way in which they are delivered. The result of many years of scientific research and consultation with physicians and aesthetic surgeons, the Grow Facts contain a high concentration of mimetic polypeptides, growth factors and of anti-ageing supplements that work to regenerate and protect the skin. GrowFacts are encased in nano-capsules that increase the transdermal transmission and skin absorption of active ingredients, while maintaining optimal potency. 

When used as part of a dedicated APS treatment, utilising Skin Patting™ technology, these powerful serums can target skin regeneration, fine lines and wrinkles, crono-ageing and photo-ageing, stretch marks, acne scars and hyperpigmentation as well as hair and scalp concerns.

The treatment options for the face, body and hair using GrowFacts include: 

·    Ialu-Age – anti-wrinkle treatment
·    Lift-Age – lifting effect treatment
·    Spot Treat – anti-spot treatment
·    Vitilux – anti-dyschromia treatment
·    UV-Defens – cream with SPF50
·    Acne Off – acne treatment

·    Lipo-form – antidiposity treatment
·    Tokinol – toning treatment
·    Stretch Fill – anti-stretch mark treatment
·    Cicatril – scar treatment

·    Hair Factor – hair growth treatment

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