VENCLOSE: Improving the Treatment of Chronic Venous Insufficiency

Indicated for the treatment of chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), VENCLOSE uses radiofrequency (RF) ablation to shrink and close damaged veins, resulting in the improvement of CVI symptoms with minimal invasion and a short recovery time for patients.


What is CVI?

Chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) occurs when valves become damaged or diseased, and can no longer effectively close to assist the return of blood flow to the heart. As a result, blood leaks back downward through the valve and pools in the lower leg, causing symptoms such as swelling, varicose veins, aching and fatigue, and ulcers. It is a progressive medical condition which worsens over time, meaning effective treatment during early stages is vital.



VENCLOSE is an RF ablation system which effectively treats damaged or diseased valves. During the procedure, a catheter is inserted into the affected veins to deliver a controlled amount of thermal energy. The intense heat shrinks and closes the veins. Once treatment is completed, blood will no longer leak back down through the damaged veins, but will be naturally rerouted to nearby healthy veins and more effectively pumped upwards to the heart.


Improved design and performance

The VENCLOSE system features a new single catheter design, which both minimises the invasiveness of the procedure to deliver improved patient outcomes and recovery, and enable a more efficient and versatile procedure for clinicians. VENCLOSE is designed with a single catheter which has two heating coil lengths – 10cm and 2.5cm. The advantage of these two heating coil lengths is that the 10cm coil can be used to efficiently treat the large great saphenous vein (GSV), while the 2.5cm coil can be used to specifically target smaller areas of the GSV (such as the furthest sections), as well as smaller branch veins and tributary veins.  


Clinical evidence of efficacy

VENCLOSE delivers improved patient outcomes and greater procedural efficiency than other RF ablation systems. Clinical studies have shown that VENCLOSE’s 10cm heating coil delivers more than 30 per cent faster treatment of 40cm GSVs compared to competitor RF ablation catheters.


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