The VECTRA H2 Breast Sculptor enables patient assessments, simulations and education for aesthetic breast procedures

VECTRA H2 is a portable 3D imaging solution that enables professionals to produce accurate assessments, simulations and consultations for face, breast and body aesthetics. The Breast Sculptor protocol of the VECTRA H2 delivers high-resolution imaging that effectively captures breast topography and contours to aid in treatment planning for aesthetic breast procedures and revisions.  


Allowing clinicians to accurately show patients the possibilities of anticipated breast procedures and to help devise the best possible treatment plans by simulating likely outcomes, the VECTRA H2 Breast Sculptor protocol has applications from breast augmentation and mastopexy to revision and fat grafting. 


What are the advantages of the VECTRA H2 Breast Sculptor? 

During consultations and treatment planning, the Breast Sculptor’s powerful viewing tools enable accurate visualisations of how anticipated treatments will look on individual patients. To assist with finding the outcome that will best suit your patients, the Breast Sculptor also allows comparison of multiple implant scenarios with different size, style and shape options.  


The Breast Sculptor’s dynamic soft tissue modelling technology can generate real 3D models of implants desired by patients. The modelling technology is also able to calculate a realistic outcome of how the implant will look on the patient based on several factors, including gravity and the shape and placement of the selected implant.  


The Breast Sculptor’s Revision Tool has slider-based controls for use during simulation of replacement implants. The tool allows for volume to be adjusted independently for each breast or to be linked for matching changes. The Mastopexy interface of the Breast Sculptor closely models surgical performance, allowing for adjustable incisions used to simulate the excising of skin. 


Finally, the Breast Sculptor’s patient education module provides a series of customisable checklist-style disclaimers to assist clinicians in streamlining their informed consent process. 


To discover more about the applications of VECTRA H2, visit our website today and download our complimentary guide or contact us today to learn more. 




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