VEINOPLUS: take-home devices that alleviate a variety of venous health concerns

An all-in-one venous health solution that uses adjustable electrostimulation to restore healthy blood flow from leg to heart, VEINOPLUS is a portable and powerful treatment solution. 

Allowing patients to be diagnosed in-house and leave with a convenient solution for at-home treatment, VEINOPLUS reduces both the symptoms and causes of venous health issues. The full range of VEINOPLUS devices is designed to meet all venous health needs:  



A circulation booster that triggers deep calf muscle contractions and results in the clinical improvement of arterial disease symptoms, VEINOPLUS Arterial works by combining a dual action of NMES (NeuroMuscular Electrical Stimulation) to stimulate a calf muscle contraction, and TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) to help relieve pain. This dual action provides rapid relief and ongoing improvement of symptoms. 



Providing relief of symptoms for people suffering from Venous Insufficiency (VI), VEINOPLUS V.I. works by increasing blood circulation, improving venous return and reducing venous stasis. As a result, the use of VEINOPLUS V.I. has been shown to reduce pain sensations in legs, reduce leg swelling, improve the healing of venous ulcers, and decrease restless legs and night cramps.  



Designed to soothe back pain, VEINOPLUS Back uses a combination of NMES and TENS components to deliver immediate pain relief effects via a relaxing stimulation massage. The device can be used on the neck and shoulders, middle back, or lumbar region to deliver relief for all kinds of back pain as well as muscle spasms. 



VEINOPLUS Sport is designed to soothe sports-related pain, reduce post-effort muscle fatigue, accelerate elimination of metabolic waste after intense exercise, and deliver effective whole body or local muscle recoveries. 


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