What are the clinical advantages of IntelliStudio by Canfield?

A global leader in medical imaging and software, Canfield Scientific deliver high-tech solutions for the healthcare and medical aesthetics industries. Canfield’s IntelliStudio is a fully automated total body imaging solution which produces studio-quality lighting and intelligent self-automation of ideal conditions to capture high-resolution 2D body images.  

Convenient and repeatable imaging 

Through intelligent automation, IntelliStudio is capable of delivering fast and consistent studio-quality images. The device’s motorised programmable lift controls height consistency and ensures repeatable camera positioning. IntelliStudio features Canfield Scientific’s patented MatchPose technology—an image capture and management tool which utilises a live video preview and built-in positioning aids to ensure repeatable positioning between time points for individual clients for greater accuracy. IntelliStudio also features automated body mapping and facial recognition protocols, which ensure that the device’s camera height and zoom is automatic set-up correctly and consistently to further assist with the production of accurate and repeatable facial and body images.  

Studio-quality lighting capabilities 

Featuring a 50MP camera, the IntelliStudio is capable of capturing high-quality images in both non-polarised and cross-polarised lighting options. While the platform’s cross-polarised lighting option eliminates specular highlights and improves the ability to see specific skin features, the platform’s non-polarised lighting option delivers studio-quality lighting with Canfield Scientific’s proprietary Xenon flashes. The Xenon flashes are calibrated and balanced for skin imaging to reveal skin features while also maintain aesthetics and reducing shadows. Additionally, IntelliStudio delivers top-of-the-line lighting consistency as a result of its smart automation capabilities. 

Newly integrated video capabilities 

The latest generation of Canfield Scientific’s IntelliStudio features newly integrated video software. The device features video capture with LED lighting which performs full HD live video dermoscopy, including the ability to record, playback and zoom. 

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