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The JetPeel™ handpieces are designed to comfortably and smoothly apply fine pressurised jet streams directly to the skin. Simple to use, easy to hold, the JetPeel™ handpieces combine pressurised air with the chosen solution, breaking the fluid into microdroplets that are delivered at a subsonic velocity, enabling instant transdermal delivery of nutritive formulas and solutions deep in the skin with no contact and no pain. In fact, the handpieces’ unique design enables comfortable and relaxing treatments. JetPeel™ offers a range of handpieces with different sized nozzles and configurations that are suitable for various aesthetic and medical applications. 


The Magic handpiece is a single nozzle design, ideal for use in narrow locations, including mesotherapy and anti-wrinkle treatments.


The Single handpiece has a larger single nozzle, designed mostly for body treatments, and is ideal for applications of solutions with higher viscosity.


The Double handpiece has a double nozzle design, suitable for transdermal hair and scalp treatments.


The most commonly used Triple handpiece has a three-nozzle design, perfect for most face, body and scalp treatments.

Prestige Plus

The Prestige Plus handpiece has a single nozzle containing a patented air shield that suppresses dispersion of unwanted microdroplets. The handpiece features a luer-lock syringe connector and is designed for single-use application.


The Vacuum handpiece is used for removing comedones and other debridement treatments, and for under-eye drainage massage.


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