The physics behind it is simple. JetPeel™ takes water or saline, accelerates it using pressurised air, or medical gas, to supersonic velocities and with a special hand-piece nozzle breaks the accelerated liquid into micro-droplets. JetPeel™ is versatile, simple to operate and offers an attractive ROI making it the popular tool of choice for professional practitioners.


JetPro is the latest JetPeel® device, using jet stream technology for fast, non-invasive transdermal delivery and visibly fresh rejuvenated skin. The new JetPro device is quiet and sleek, delivering the world’s most beautifully comfortable and effective treatment.

JetPro harnesses advanced hydra dermabrasion technology to provide deep transdermal treatment with no needles, no skin breakage, no scar tissue and no recovery period. Just excellent results and a pain-free, relaxing treatment so all clients can reveal the very best version of themselves, inside and out.


JetPeel 3V® is a world leading medical device based on jet stream technology that enables transdermal delivery for the treatment of skin conditions with none of the side effects of standard methods.

Adaptable for a range of medical and aesthetic uses, applying medical gas or a variety of Jet Solutions, JetPeel V3 is a revolutionary approach, providing excellent rehabilitative skin treatment at the highest level of comfort. The next generation approach to aesthetic, dermatological and wound care management, JetPeel V3 is the choice of physicians, skin specialists and aestheticians worldwide.



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