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The Gold Standard In 3D Imaging: Why VECTRA XT Is The Complete Imaging Solution

A lack of clear communication within the consultation process can have a considerable impact on patient confidence, experience and business growth. A successful consultation relies on effectively communicating expected treatment results.

By simulating aesthetic procedures on your patients, you will provide patients with a complete picture of what the treatment entails, greatly reducing any ambiguity that may be delaying their decision, enabling them to place their trust in your clinic.

When it comes to providing the complete imaging solution, it is important that your equipment provides your patients with a sufficient amount of visual detail. By incorporating Canfield’s Vectra XT into your consultations, you will be harnessing leading 3D technology to capture every aspect of your patients’ body, breasts and face in ultra-high resolution and razor-sharp detail.

As you are capturing, the propriety lighting system automatically adjusts for optimal imaging, ensuring that no detail is compromised. The device’s advanced 360 capabilities mean that you can show your patients even the subtlest treatment results at any angle. Furthermore, Vectra’s intuitive interface enables you to contour and sculpt patient images to closely model the way the surgery is completed.

When it comes to assessing your patients’ skin, Vectra’s revolutionary RBX® Technology easily measures and captures sun damage, spider veins, hyperpigmentation and more, so you may develop highly specialised treatment plans for your patients.

Providing your patients with the complete image is also aided by the ability to superimpose and fade between pre- and post- treatment images. This way, your patients can make direct comparisons between different treatment outcomes and decide on next steps accordingly.

The gold standard of 3D imaging, Vectra XT provides your patients with a complete image of potential treatment results, so they can leave your clinic feeling confident in their decision.

To learn more about the innovative Vectra XT or our other advanced Imaging Solutions, visit our website or download our digital brochure.

At Venetix, we have partnered with Canfield, the world leader in specialised photographic systems and imaging software, bringing your clinic the latest, most advanced, technology in the industry. Visit our website to learn more about our esteemed partners.

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