We are committed to the health and wellbeing of your client.

A division of Getz Healthcare, Venetix offers a destination for providers looking to improve an individual’s quality of life through comprehensive aesthetic solutions, such as imaging, skin treatments, cosmetic surgery or the management of underlying veins.

Experts in distribution, Venetix allows you to focus on what matters, delivering the future of Medical Aesthetics, Venous Health and Imaging Solutions straight to you from our dedicated business partners.

Help your patients take back control of their lives with the latest innovations, newest techniques and a modern approach to looking good and feeling better. At Venetix, we rely on years of experience and a thorough understanding of the aesthetic industry to ensure we are offering you the solutions your patients want and the future demands. Hand selecting a group of partners who deliver the best in their field from imaging, skin rejuvenation and venous health.

Extending the vigilance of Getz Healthcare into our evaluation, Venetix identifies areas of growth based off the demands of our customers and pursues the best providers the global market has to offer. We’ve ensured our current partners are as dedicated to your client’s health and wellbeing as we are, offering scientific, medical and never before seen solutions to an improved appearance and a renewed quality of life.

With Venetix, you can discover an extensive portfolio of high-quality equipment, products and services including, complexion analysis, volume measurements, non-invasive, relaxing skin care procedures and treatment solutions of varicose veins to telangiectasia.


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A division of Getz Healthcare, Venetix is committed to the health & wellbeing of your clients. Delivering the future of Medical Aesthetics, Venous Health and Imaging Solutions from hand-picked, dedicated business partners.


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