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Developed from over 110 years of experience, Getz Healthcare is driven by the desire to make lives better by distributing high quality products and offering a range of exceptional services to our business partners and customers.

A company with a global presence in various markets since our inception, Getz Healthcare has established ourselves as the destination of choice for the medical industry, connecting communities with the latest and most advanced equipment, products and services from around the world.

Pioneers in global distribution, Getz Brothers was founded in 1852 by Joseph and Max Getz in California, before expanding and establishing operations in Asia in 1871. From there Getz group grew and was quickly recognised as the leading Medtech distribution company establishing a presence in Australia & New Zealand in 1965.

Leveraging unmatched expertise via a comprehensive knowledge of the medical device industry, we pride ourselves in our ability to forecast and understand future demands. This foresight enables us to offer your business a competitive edge, by providing accessible pathways based on what patients want and what medical care providers need.

With a full suite of end-to-end services, Getz Healthcare offers extensive support for hospitals, specialist clinics, and healthcare providers, ensuring they are equipped with new techniques and the latest innovations to better care for their patients. 

Vigilant in our evaluation, we spend time seeking out innovative solutions and reviewing brands from around the world to ensure who we partner with is reliable and the best the global market has to offer. 

With specialised access to a range of companies, led by research insights and leading experts, our business partners trust us to make well founded decisions that make a difference. Our commitment continues to strengthen our place as the distributor of choice for a stable, seamless and successful partnership for healthcare providers and patients in the communities we serve.


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A division of Getz Healthcare, Venetix is committed to the health & wellbeing of your clients. Delivering the future of Medical Aesthetics, Venous Health and Imaging Solutions from hand-picked, dedicated business partners.


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